Celine and Elliot decided to add to the chaos of their house and adopt a puppy. They named her Frankie. She’s quite adorable.

Celine and Elliot shared a romantic moment in bed, where Elliot voiced his desire to make another sibling for Sam.

Celine’s vegetable patch is coming along nicely. She can’t wait to head down to the local farmer’s market and sell the produce and make some extra simolians.

An adorable father-son moment.

Sammy’s first birthday, Celine looks super excited.

Toddler Sammy getting attacked with the claw, another priceless moment.

And a sibling for Sammy is on their way.



Hard at work on her cooking skills – we wouldn’t want to burn the house down

Elliot is determined to make his boss happy by becoming strong and building up his athletic skill – I only wish I had that much determination

After a long day they finally take a moment to relax together. Their so adorable. They will make adorable little children.

Momma hard at work, she wants to reach the top of the Painting skill

Her first painting completed now hangs in the second floor stairwell, with pride. Celine is pretty damn proud of herself. Elliot secretly dreams to build her, her own studio on their property. One day it will come true.

Celine was hard at work in the garden after Elliot went off to work, when the newest member of their family decided to make their debut.

Celine rushed on over to the hospital where Elliot left work and met up with her.
They came home together several hours later with their new bundle of joy.

Celine and Elliot welcomed a beautiful bouncing baby boy. They named him Samuel Marshall Adams, but Sam for short.


Being welcomed into the neighbourhood by Yumi Sekemoto and Monika Morris.

Both Celine and her husband Elliot are sups. Celine, being a witch and well Elliot being a werewolf. Celine still hasn’t gotten use to the fact that Elliot can change into a “beast” and well needless to say, this is the result…

Apparently he has that effect on everyone. Their was some nosy paparazzi snooping around in the middle of the night and Elliot went and scared him nearly to death…

…although I don’t think he got the hint because he still didn’t leave and soon after Elliot went back to bed, Celine got up to give the guy a piece of her mind about snooping…

(A/N: I don’t actually think this has happened before…having someone sit on my porch and pull out their laptop, when I moused over him he didn’t have the paparazzi bit attached to his name anymore)

Goodbye to Elliot on his first day on his new job.

Shortly after Elliot leaves for work, Celine finds out she’s expecting their first child. Guess she’s not going to see her first day at her new job. She got a job at the bookstore, even though Elliot says she doesn’t have to work. He’d rather her stay home and have lots of kids. He may just get his wish at this rate.

Adams Family Legacy

Lets take care of a few housekeeping items first.

Celine Adams (nee Nott)
Traits: Artistic, Avant Guard, Family Oriented, Green Thumb and Natural Cook
LTW: Culinary Librarian
Income: Part Time (Bookstore)

Elliot Adams
Traits: Animal Lover, Artistic, Family Oriented, Handy, Loves the Outdoors
LTW: Surrounded by Family
Income: Military

They are currently living and remodeling at 36 Sim Lane, Sunset Valley (Mosquito Cove).

Celine and Elliot met while Elliot was on military leave on Isla Paradiso, Celine was raised on Isla Paradiso. The pace of their relationship was quite speedy, but by the time they reached the alter they knew they both wanted to spend the rest of their lives in the company of one another. They got married at the city center in front of a judge on Isla Paradiso and had a small get together with friends and family afterwards. Not days after being married Elliot was transferred to the base in Sunset Valley.

Celine not wanting their relationship to start out long distance packed up all her belongings and went with him. Oh the things you do for love.  This is where their story starts.

Quick Note on a New Legacy Family

I started a new legacy family, though unlike what I usually do (Random Sims 3 Legacy Challenge), its not going to be part of a challenge. I just want to see how long I can keep a family going and take a crap ton of pics and share my adventure.

I’ve found that I’m not exactly good with story telling so it will probably be picture loaded more than words.